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14 years..and more! Hysum and Honeywell collaboration extended

12. 06, 2022

11.29 Finalize Echoes from China International Import Expo: Hysum Packaging and Honeywell Signed a Memorandum of Cooperation Focusing on the Aclar® Film

The Fifth China International Import Expo was successfully held in the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) on November 5-10, 2022.

On November 5, Hysum (Shanghai) New Pharmaceutical Packaging Co., Ltd. ("Hysum Packaging") and Honeywell signed a memorandum of cooperation, according to which both parties would collaborate with each other in the R&D, application, and market development of functional pharmaceutical packaging materials, enhance the production capacity and supply of packaging materials in the market by putting Hysum Huzhou Packaging's new facility into operation, and provide tailor-made pharmaceutical packacina intensification of development of Acar film in solutions to partners in the sector of pharmaceutical packaging, to boost the continuous the industry of pharmaceutical packaging.

According to Chen Ping, Deputy General Manager of Hysum Packaging, since 2008 when Hysum Packaging started its cooperation with Honeywell, both parties have been providing more new packaging solutions to the Chinese market of new drugs through intensive cooperation.

"Hysum Packaging has been a partner of Honeywell over the years, and it has been reputed as an enterprise that is determined to forge ahead and persist in innovation all the time. We are fortunate to witness and participate in the high-rate growth of Hysum Packaging. Hysum has been pursuing innovation in blister design, barrier test, establishment of related quality management systems and standards, etc.," said He Wei, Asia-Pacific Sales Director, Division of High-performance Materials of Honeywell at the signing ceremony.

In an exclusive interview after the signing ceremony, Chen Pin said that Hysum's prime products were cold formed aluminum and PVC when starting its business in packaging materials for solid pharmaceutical preparations.

"At first, we tested each step before taking it. Honeywell helped us in standard control and other aspects of thicker molding materials. Hysum Packaging constantly overcame difficulties and localized the technology during R&D, having brought new packaging solutions to many China-based pharmaceutical companies," said Chen Ping.

Hysum Packaging and Honeywell have created a long-term strategic partnership with each other, having been making concerted efforts with leading digital technology and high-performance products to drive the high-quality development of new packaging materials in the sector of medical package.

In line with its philosophy of "providing excellent packaging materials for the world's best products", Hysum Packaging has been established in high-barrier pharmaceutical packaging materials. In recent years, Hysum has been enhancing its presence in sectors of new energy and new consumption, etc., and developing new materials like high-barrier, high-deep drawability, corrosion-resistant, climate change-resistant and easy-to-peel materials, thereby addressing consumers' pursuit of quality life in a more favorable fashion.

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